Friday, June 24, 2016

Bottom Access Control Unit: Offering Options for Controls in Tight Spaces

Architects and engineers continue to find many different ways to amaze us by creating beautiful buildings with their designs and innovative concepts. It does not matter if they are designing a building for new construction or retrofitting an existing space, the end result is usually extraordinary and makes the mind wonder how it was created. Often times, the finished designs of the architects and engineers can present unique challenges for the HVAC manufacturer to address by thinking outside-of-the-box to find a solution. Fortunately, Titus is filled with a knowledgeable support staff of experienced industry professionals that are accustomed to meeting challenges like this head-on.

A common problem that we have encountered through the years is with providing alternative control options for terminal units. This issue is especially relevant when dealing with reduced ceiling plenum space. As architects and engineers become more creative with their designs, reduced ceiling plenum space is often an area affected in building construction designs. As a result, there are instances when side-mounted control enclosures are not considered a viable solution for some of these applications. The ever-growing need for another control option prompted us to make the Bottom Control Enclosure as a standard option rather than continue offering it as a special option. This option provides the ability to access the controls of the terminal unit from the bottom, which is important in certain applications which have restricted space to the sides of the terminal units.

Important factors such as maintenance, programming and installation should all be easier if using this option in restricted ceiling plenum spaces. Buildings are designed to be permanent fixtures, yet their systems at some point will need to be checked. Those responsible for the maintaining, programming and installing will now have an easier time accessing the unit if the control box is mounted in a more convenient location rather than one that is mounted in a restricted one.

Presently, this option is available for the ESV and TFS terminal units. The Bottom Control Enclosure has been available since January 2012. We hope this option provides a solution for you and your clients when this situation arises.

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