Friday, January 16, 2015

TAO: Floor-Mounted Chilled Beam to be Featured at AHR Expo 2015

The Temperature Ambient Optimizer (TAO) by Titus is a hybrid unit that takes advantage of displacement, chilled beams, and radiation principles.

This revolutionary product is specifically designed for high-ventilation loads – greater than 200 BTUH per foot -- normally required in educational facilities, theaters and long hallways that have perimeter walls or windows.

What it Accomplishes:

The TAO can help find the path to a balanced and healthy system by providing the right proportion of heating or cooling to the perimeter wall to take care of the majority of the room load. Within desirable acoustic levels, it maintains the necessary displacement ventilation, humidity control, and temperature level of the room.

Supply air is discharged into the space -- at low air velocity -- as close to the floor as possible. This provides a very low and slow-moving pool of fresh air spreading over the entire floor.

Convection from people and other heat sources causes the fresh air to rise, which helps create very comfortable conditions in the occupied zone.

Comfort – temperature and air movement – is met by optimizing the air path wherein the two major loads are located. At the same time, the unit meets minimum ventilation requirements.

By redirecting a portion of the treated supply air toward the cold, outside wall/window, the heat load is neutralized and a thermal curtain is created. This reduces convection and radiation associated with the cold wall or window.

Description of Operation:

TAO units are provided with a constant volume flow of conditioned outside air that ranges between a 55°F and 66°F supply-air temperature from the air handler.

The most significant portion of the air is injected into the induction plenum and through the primary set of nozzles into the lower part of the unit and displaced into the room.

As the conditioned air leaves the nozzle, it will also induce the room air through the water coil to heat or cool the return air. Here, it is reconditioned, mixed with primary air, and delivered into the room at a discharge temperature of 64°F to 72°F.

The other portion of conditioned outside air is discharged through a secondary set of nozzles that are directed toward the outside wall/window. This neutralizes the perimeter load. 

The secondary set of nozzles induce room air through the secondary coil to increase the temperature of the supply air during heating mode.

The hot air rises along the perimeter walls and windows to neutralize the thermal load by creating a warm air curtain.


Since there are no blowers or motors operating within the TAO unit, the sound levels are further reduced and the overall energy consumption of the system can be improved.

According to the Building Owners and Managers Association, 60 percent of a building’s operating costs come from energy-related expenditures. To provide efficiency and help curb costs, the TAO takes advantage of all LEED certification requirements to obtain energy credits.

In addition, the stricter ASHRAE Standards of Thermal Comfort (Standard 55), Energy Savings and Perimeter Heating (Standard 90.1) can be easily achieved with this product in use.

Available in two unit sizes, the TAO is designed to fit under the window sill adjacently to the perimeter wall. Titus offers customizable cabinets in a variety of aesthetically pleasing woodgrain and natural stone finishes. 

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