Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Q&A: How Do You Determine the Hand of a Titus Terminal Unit?

Generally speaking, the hand of a Titus terminal unit is defined as the location of the control package. This is determined by looking into the primary inlet duct. If the controls or damper shaft are on your left, it’s a left hand box. If the connections of an optional water coil are on the right, the unit has a right hand coil.

There are a few additional things to know:

  • Single duct and series fan-powered terminal units can be ordered with water coil connections on the same side or the opposite side from the controls. It is more common to locate the water coil valve on the same side of the unit as the damper controls to simplify the valve wiring and provide service access from a single location. Presumably, if there is good access on one side of the unit for the damper controls there should also be sufficient space for the plumbing.

  • On Titus terminal units with electric coils, the electric coil controls are always located on the same side of the unit as the damper controls.

  • The hand of a Titus dual duct terminal unit is defined as the location of the cold duct controller. This is determined by looking at the inlet panel. If the cold duct is on the right, it’s a right hand box. It is assumed that the control package on the cold duct is in the master control box and that any supply power would be pulled to this location. The hot duct controls are assumed to be controlled and powered by the cold duct controls.

  • On Titus parallel fan-powered terminal units, the standard location for a hot water coil is on the induction port. To prevent possible interference between the primary ductwork and coil plumbing, these coils should be ordered in the opposite hand from the damper controls. A left hand unit should therefore be ordered with a right hand coil.

  • Titus parallel fan-powered terminal units can be special ordered with hot water coils located on the unit discharge. In this location the coils can be specified to be either right or left hand, just like series fan-powered terminal units.
Hopefully this explanation will help answer questions many people have regarding the handed orientation of Titus terminal units.

Randy Zimmerman - Chief Engineer