Thursday, April 30, 2015

Titus Revamps its Blower Coil & Air-Handler Product Line

Titus HVAC, the leader in air management, has upgraded and expanded its blower coil and air-handler product line. We have engineered a low-cost, efficient method of cooling and heating spaces in this market segment. Our new models include the TBL (vertical reduced footprint, bottom return blower coil), TBS (vertical reduced footprint, rear return blower coil), TBH (horizontal belt-drive blower coil), TBV (vertical belt-drive blower coil), and TBM (modular air-handler).
The blower coils’ breadth of options allows them to satisfy the indoor air-quality requirements of commercial applications. Achieving higher airflows than fan-coil units, the blower coils -- which generate 800 to 4,000 cfm -- have the capacity to service much larger facilities. Best suited for schools, healthcare facilities and office/retail buildings, units may be horizontally/vertically aligned and floor/ceiling mounted.
Horizontal blower coils -- which are installed in ceilings -- afford a wide range of application flexibility, while maintaining a simple, easy-to-install design. They are intended to provide comfort cooling and heating within small areas. The vertical belt-drive units -- ideal for closets, hallways and bathrooms -- can be laid on top of each other and are typically utilized in applications with a greater volume. Their belt-drive system provides more flexibility in terms of fan speed and cost advantage over a similarly sized direct-drive system. The revamped line gives engineers and architects the capability to better fit blower coils to their jobs.
TBM units are also configurable in horizontal, vertical, and footprint-savings arrangements. From basic air-handling to sophisticated isolation-room systems, they meet challenging specifications associated with indoor air-quality, controls and sound-sensitive projects. Modules are engineered to produce 600 to 10,000 cfm and may be stacked in a two-high configuration. They may be applied in many types of building structures such as schools, offices, hospitals, apartments/condominiums, assisted living facilities, and stores.
Our blower coils/TBM are shipped completely assembled, reducing field installation time and labor. They are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment, eliminating potential problems at startup.
Additional Features and Benefits:
  •  Heater/unit assembly listed for zero clearance; meets all N.E.C. requirements and is cETL listed in compliance with UL/ANSI Std. 1995
  • Blow-thru electric heat with single-point power connection
  • Hot water, chilled water, steam, and direct expansion coils; cold water/hot water changeover available for all models
  •  Low-leak dampers with 2” filters
  •  Mixing boxes with standard low-leak dampers, high-efficiency filter sections for 2” prefilter and 4” final filter, and blow-thru electric heat with single-point power connection
  • Customized options including double-sloped IAQ galvanized drain pan, direct-drive plenum fans, high-efficiency filters, double-wall perforated lining, external face/bypass dampers, and inspection windows
  • Foil faced fiberglass-insulated cabinets, main incoming-power disconnect (non-fused), fusing (main), magnetic contractors wired for disconnecting operations, and fan control package with heater interlock contacts (required for single-point power connection)

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