Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seismic-Rated Terminal Units

Titus has Seismic Certification Compliance on our ESV, TFS, and TFS-F terminal unit models through the International Building Code (IBC) and Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). Certification includes rigid-mounting and spring-isolated installations.

The certification rating is:

More medical facilities are requiring this certification to ensure equipment will remain functional after experiencing a seismic event.

These Titus terminal unit models are certified in the following options:

  • Hot water / Electric reheat
  • PSC and ECM motors
  • All liner types currently available
  • All current motor and heater voltages and kilowatt offerings

For ESV single-duct models (AESV, PESV, and DESV), all sizes and configurations that are available on standard units now meet the certification. This option is only available with 20-gauge galvanized material.

For series fan-powered terminal units, the TFS/TFS-F models are certified with all of the options, sizes and configurations available on the standard products as well.

All Titus-branded controls are included in the certification:

  • Alpha Digital Controls
  • TA1 Analog Controls
  • Titus I & II Pneumatic Controls

FMA Controls must carry a seismic listing from the controls supplier in order to be used on a seismic-rated terminal unit.

The IBC is utilized by the U.S. State Department and governs all commercial construction for every state.

It has specific requirements for certain types of buildings and their components where ground accelerations caused by earthquakes are likely to be above a certain g-level.

Active mechanical equipment or electrical components must be tested to verify compliance if they are to remain operational after a seismic event.

In California, the OSHFD is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for hospital construction and for the California Building Code which is based on the IBC.

As an AHJ, OSHPD has defined what the acceptable criterion is for them as it relates to how a manufacturer complies with the building code.

Titus is the first VAV terminal unit manufacturer to receive this certification. We recognize the importance of complying with new codes in different regions as we continue to Redefine your comfort zone. ™

Please direct questions toward Titus Communications (communications@titus-hvac.com) and/or Titus' Terminal Unit, UnderFloor Air Distribution Product Manager Derrick Smith (dsmith@titus-hvac.com).