Monday, December 15, 2014

GRDs no longer have to be 'Plain White'

Titus woodgrain and natural stone finishes enhance architectural spaces by providing a seamless blend between our HVAC units and their surrounding areas.

Crafted through the process of sublimation, these finishes are easy to clean and do not require the same upkeep as traditional products. Titus currently offers more than 40 options in either a smooth gloss or textured finish, which will not deteriorate due to moisture, extreme temperatures and/or corrosion.

As the architectural industry searches for alternative materials to meet the growing demand for LEED and GREEN builds, Titus is proud to say we are the first commercial-HVAC company to bring this cutting-edge technology into the U.S. market.

Preparation and Coating:

The raw aluminum surface receives a traditional pretreatment of a chemical conversion, creating a thin layer of amorphous oxide with coating. Electrostatic guns then apply a 2.5 mils layer of nonhazardous powder paint. The polymerization is done with a 400°F temperature for 20 minutes. The base coat ensures adequate hardness of the final product, and protects the aluminum from light, weather, abrasion and humidity.


Next, a preprinted film transfer with organic photosensitive pigments and cellulose resin is completely wrapped around the product. The profile is positioned on the surface of a movable trolley, and air is removed through a vacuum-suction system. The result is a perfect thermoprint.

The trolley is then placed into a special oven, wherein the decoration is effected, turning the ink pigments from solid into gas and back to solid inside the paint layer. After cooling, the film is removed. Combined with other breakthrough technologies we apply to the endeavor, this process accounts for why our system is a global leader in color coating quality.

Current Offerings:

With it being ideal to coat fully assembled products, Titus woodgrain and natural stone finishes are only available for the CT product line, Omni, and Spectrum. We are in the process of adding ML diffusers and other architectural products into the mix. Our partnership with Hunter Douglas will be on display at the 2015 AHR Expo, as Titus’ booth will feature our products for the Gladius Ceiling (Omni) and 300C Plank System (ML).

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